Event Updates

From 1996-2000, when we sent out an email to our members in addition to the monthly newsletter, we would generally put it in the list below. Even though this portion of the website is no longer active, it is being kept so that these events will be found through our Search capability.

Stanford Men's Basketball, Wolf Trap, Stanford Degrees (3/17/00)

Stanford vs. UCLA Men's Basketball on CBS - Saturday 4PM Eastern (3/3/00)

Stanford vs. Cal Men's Basketball (02/19/00) and David Hayes Breakfast Briefing (3/3/00)

Stanford Women's Volleyball (12/18/99) and Rose Bowl Parties (1/1/00)

Stanford vs. Cal Big Game Reminder (11/20/99) and Holiday Party Announcement (12/12/99)

Stanford vs. Cal Big Game (11/20/99)

Stanford vs. Iowa Basketball (11/12/99); Stanford vs. Arizona State Football (11/13/99), Big Game (11/20/99)

Stanford vs. Duke Basketball (11/11/99); Touch Football (11/14/99); Sins of Sor Juana (11/21/99)

Stanford vs. USC Football (10/23/99); Adopt-A-School Fundraiser Reminder (11/3/99)

Adopt-A-School Fundraiser (11/3/99)

Sarah Brightman (7/1/99), NSO (7/24/99), and 6 Degrees of Separation (7/10/99)

Coach Willingham Event (6/7/99)

Professor David Brady (5/1/99)

Pub Night (10/8/98)

Stanford vs. Notre Dame (10/3/98)

Doing Business on the Internet (6/24/98) and Worldspace CEO (7/1/98)

Middleburg Garden Tour (6/14/98), STEPS (6/15/98), and Riverdance (7/29/98)

Professor Diane Middlebrook (5/29/99)

Nonprofit Forum (3/4/98) and Stanford in Government Housing Request

Holiday Party (12/20/97)

Big Game (11/22/97)  

Davis Cup (9/19/97-9/21/97)

Kathleen Sullivan (9/3/97)

Women's Lacrosse (3/26/97-3/27/97)

Jair Lynch Reception (3/19/97)

Field Hockey and Happy Hour with Cal (10/96)

Business School Alumni Internet Events (10/2/96 and 10/9/96)

Hatfield Reception (9/10/96)

Dominique Dawes Parade (8/20/96)

Professor Roger Noll (4/23/96)

Fleet Street Singers, Women's Basketball, David Packard (3/27/96)

Wharton Networking Event, Dartmouth Ski Trip (1/10/96)

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